This gender reveal involves an alligator and a watermelon (and we don't know what to think)
This Nightmare Before Christmas gender reveal cake has everyone confused
Young couple are having a party for family when they hear a huge announcement on the radio
‘Are you Octo-Mom?’ Sister’s reaction to news she is going to be an aunt is HILARIOUS
Mum puts on her glasses to look at baby scan... and is shocked by what she sees
Siblings pull pink blanket off box and get a HUGE shock when they look inside it
Two sisters cut into their cupcakes... and one of them starts bawling when she looks inside
Mum flicks through her daughter’s holiday pics... and starts crying when she sees the last snap
This grandpa has the BEST response to hearing he's about to become a great-grandfather
Mum gives birth... but no one can believe their eyes when they go in to visit the baby
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