Mum puts on her glasses to look at baby scan... and is shocked by what she sees

You may want to turn your volume down while watching this video. 

This mum has the best reaction to hearing she is about to become a grandmother but when she looks at the scan a little closer she gets a huge shock.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Danica Faulkner Johns, the soon-to-be granny can be seen opening a Mother’s Day gift bag.

Inside the bag there is a picture that says (something along the lines of) ‘the best parents graduate to grandparents.”

A sweet way to reveal her son and daughter-in-law are having a baby… but the surprise is not over just yet.

Looking at the scan picture, the mum gets her glasses when her son says to look closely at it.

So she does.

Able to see things a little clearer, she realises that it’s not just one baby but two – identical twins to be exact.

So cute.

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