This grandpa has the BEST response to hearing he's about to become a great-grandfather

We love a good aul pregnancy reveal here at MagicMum HQ, and we love the reactions even more. 

Thankfully, this granddad didn't disappoint when he opened a card which informed him that he was about to become a great-grandpa – although it took him a while to understand what it meant. 

Posted on YouTube, user Denise Miller explained how herself and her sister were trying to tell their dad that his granddaughter is pregnant, via a Father's Day card. 

"My sisters and me telling our 89-year-old father, 'Papa', that my niece Lauren is pregnant and he is going to be a great-grandfather," she wrote under the video, which has over 151K views. 

Reading the card out loud, he said: 

"Great at being extra nice,

"Great to share a smile with,

"Great to share happy days with and laughing all the while with. 

"Great at fun,

"Great at games,

"Great to give big hugs to,

"Great at making me feel good,

"Great to give my love to.

"Happy Father's Day, Great-Grandpa."

The poor man was obviously confused; well, after having read so many 'greats', we'd be confused too – so he didn't get it. 

And even with a little prompting by someone in the room: "You're not just a great-grandpa anymore… what are you?"

He still didn't understand. 

In fact, his first response when asked "what are you?" was "dead". 

Yup, "dead". 

However, when he finally understands what is going on he explodes with excitement at the thoughts of becoming a great-granddad. 

Such a lovely video. Do you have a pregnancy reveal story you'd love to share with us? 

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