This gender reveal involves an alligator and a watermelon (and we don't know what to think)

When Rebecca Miller and her partner Mike Kliebert found out they were expecting baby number three, they knew that a typical gender reveal just wouldn't do. 

So rather than opting for a balloon or cake reveal as is the norm, this couple from Louisiana went one step further and enlisted the help of an alligator.


Oh, and a watermelon. 

In the video you can see numerous friends and family standing around the alligator as Mike approaches with a watermelon.

Rebecca stands to the side, excitedly waiting to see if she is having a boy or a girl. 

When Mike reaches the animal, he encourages it to open its mouth, before he drops the piece of fruit in. 

And when the gator munches down on the watermelon, the baby's gender is revealed… (but we'll let you watch the video to find out what it is). 

However, before you gasp in horror, it must be made known that Mike is a professional "gator wrangler" and his family owns a turtle and alligator farm – so it's not really unusual for them to involve the huge animal. 

And, in fairness, when you look at the gender reveal, it's clear that Mike knows exactly what he is doing. But we still don't know what to think about it! 

Take a look below and let us know your thoughts on it! 

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