Mum flicks through her daughter’s holiday pics... and starts crying when she sees the last snap

You'll definitely need a load of tissues for this one!  

If you haven't already guessed it, we love a good aul baby reveal here at MagicMum HQ.

Whether it's with the help of balloons, older siblings or even toys, there is just something about them that gets our heart racing; will they guess it? Will the reveal be ruined? Will anyone cry? 

However, a video of a baby reveal uploaded to YouTube by user gobigo99 is definitely the best one we have seen in a long time. 

As you can see in the clip, a mum and her two sons are sitting around the table having something to eat. 

The mum is looking through her daughter's holiday snaps, while a person off camera (we're assuming her daughter) explains what some of the photos mean. 

However, when the mum goes to hand the camera back, everyone starts giggling and she asks what is going on. 

One of her sons grabs the camera and the mum turns to have another peep to see what everyone is laughing at. 

And it is here that she suddenly realises what she actually missed. 

The couple had arranged the pictures in order so that the last one shows a photo of them holding a sign saying 'we are pregnant'.

And the soon-to-be granny's face is the best ever.

From stunned silence to shock to tears, we could watch this video all day!

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