Two sisters cut into their cupcakes... and one of them starts bawling when she looks inside

We actually feel for this poor kid!

Sisters Maisy and Finley are sitting at their kitchen table, each with a cupcake in front of them.

Inside both cakes is a particular filling – blue or pink – which will reveal whether they are going to have a baby brother or sister.

A sweet and simple gender reveal, the sisters have very different reactions once they cut into the treats.

Maisy is the first to see what's inside and, shouting with joy, reveals her mum is going to have a boy. 

"It's a boy, it's a boy." 

Poor Finley struggles to cut hers… and when her mums steps up to give her a hand, her face changes. Instantly.

Cutting it open to reveal the blue inside, Finley cannot hide her disappointed face and starts bawling. 

Trying to make her feel better, the girls' mum tells her that she will always be the little princess, but that doesn't really help. 

And when asked if she has any thoughts, the little girl simply shakes her head and wipes away her tears.

Aw, poor Finley – we're sure she was delighted when baby Knox arrived though.

Did your kids react to baby news like this?

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