‘Are you Octo-Mom?’ Sister’s reaction to news she is going to be an aunt is HILARIOUS

Best. Reaction. Ever.

In January 2013, Jaclyn Alvarado found out that she was expecting triplets: two boys and one girl.

Delighted at the prospect of becoming a mum, Jaclyn couldn't resist sharing her family's reactions to the news that not only was she pregnant but there were three babies on the way. 

But it's the video of her telling her sister that has us rolling around with laughter. 

It starts off with the mum-to-be telling her sister that she is expecting. 

And when the younger sister rubs her belly, Jaclyn says that he's going to be "a soccer team".

"What do you mean? Are you having twins?" the sister asks. 


"What do you mean? Are you having triplets? Are you like m’sextuplet? ARE YOU OCTO-MOM?

"You can’t even take care of your dog – how are you going to care for three kids?"

Continuing, she shows her concern for Buddy the dog before suddenly realising that they now have their band. 

"We got our band. We got our band."

Jaclyn welcomed Alex and Chase in June 2013, sadly she lost a baby at 14 weeks.

"I have many struggles during my pregnancy and at about 25 weeks in my boys were born. They weighed 1lb 10oz each. Alex spent 91 days in the hospital and Chase spent 121 days in the hospital. They are home and very healthy running around boys," the mum wrote on her YouTube channel. 

She welcomed another boy in 2016. 

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