Young couple are having a party for family when they hear a huge announcement on the radio

From a young age, Reza Sulaeman has always had trouble with her health, and was diagnosed with amenorrhea (an absence of menstruation) when she was 12. 

Reza, who hails from Melbourne, knew that getting pregnant would be difficult and decided to take some time out of her health to focus on being happy – and decided to go travelling with her husband.   

However, a few months before she was finished a two-year stint in London she became very ill.

Experiencing the pain of passing a kidney stone for two weeks and "blood clots coming out of [her] nose the size of 200g steaks", the expectant mum decided to do something about her health. 

When she arrived back in Australia, Reza was told that she had a 4cm aneurysm on her pituitary gland.

Thankfully, within a week she was treated, and two years later, the couple were lucky enough to be referred to the ‘Fertility Queen’ – Dr Lynn Burmeister.

So she was obviously delighted when she found out that she was expecting, and couldn't wait to tell family and friends. 

However, after enduring so much, the Australian decided to do something a little different.

Asking her family and friends around for a BBQ they had no clue what was about to happen! 

Take a look below: 

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