This Nightmare Before Christmas gender reveal cake has everyone confused

We love a good aul gender reveal here at MagicMum HQ: the fun, the anticipation, the joy, there is just something so incredibly exciting about them. 

However, the latest reveal doing the rounds has a lot of people scratching their head. And for a couple of seconds so were we! 

Posted on the Cakes by Chaeli Instagram page, it is in fairness probably one of the best reveals we've seen. 

In the clip you can see Mum and Dad cutting into the elaborate cake. Holding the knife together, the couple are clearly confused when, after slicing into the cake, they are met with both blue and pink icing.

However, considering the pair are not expecting twins, there were obviously a few questioning eyebrows. 

Thinking it was just a trick, they proceed to cut into the second layer of cake. This time they are met with just pink icing. 

However, both are left still wondering what is going on – Dad in particular.  

Well, that is until Mum lets us all in on her secret…

Take a look below: 

We love this… although we're not sure Dad does… 

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