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Stop being so busy: 5 simple ways to make time for your spouse

Time: the one thing NOBODY ever has enough of; 24 hours is just not enough to be able to fit in school runs, homework, jobs, food prep, cleaning, quality time with the kids and keep the house clean.

And squeezing in time with your other half is almost impossible. 

But you SHOULD make the effort to hang out or just be together; it is important for both of you to stay connected in order to be able to handle anything that life throws at you. 

If you are struggling to fit in couple time into your already hectic schedule, try the following tips: 

1. Schedule in some time together (literally)

Set a reminder in your calendar for 'couple time' and share it with your other half. This way you both KNOW that Friday nights (or whatever evening/day) are for spending time together, and you can work your schedules around it. It may seem a little rigid, but when you've got a household to run and kids to look after, it's probably the only way you will ever be able to squeeze it into your day.

2. Do your chores together 

It's definitely not the most romantic way to spend time together, but at least you ARE together! Help each other to iron, fold and put the clothes away; do the garden together or even clean the car. On the plus side you'll get your chores done a lot quicker. 

3. Grab a morning coffee (before the kids get up)

OK, this one might be pushing it slightly, considering most kids are up well before their parents, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a go. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, pop the kettle on and start your day off with a morning coffee under your belt. And if that doesn't work, you can always get the WHOLE family up and enjoy breakfast together…?

4. Go to bed at the same time 

Bedtime can create the perfect opportunity to sit and chat, cuddle or even read together – once you leave your phones at the door, that is. We know it can be a little tough organising your individual routines around the same time, but even if you just do it two or three times a week, you'll notice the difference. 

5. Sit beside each other 

Whether it's watching telly or eating dinner try to sit opposite or beside each other. You are more likely to engage in conversation if you are within ear-shot at least, and being physically near each other can make you feel closer.

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