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Be a more productive parent: Simple tips to get stuff DONE

It’s amazing how, when children arrive on the scene, our routines can descend into complete chaos.

While you might tell yourself and others that that’s just the way family life goes, there are some steps you can take to become more productive and achieve more of a day.

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Here are some simple tips that could make a big difference:

Get organised and plan ahead

The usefulness of a family organiser cannot be understated. How much time do you waste looking for dentist appointment letters or trying to find that book list? When every minute is precious, it’s important to be as organised as possible: write important information down in a diary, mark appointments in on the calendar, stick letters and reminders to the memo board.

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Establish a routine

This goes for meal times, TV/ screen/ play time, chores and family time. While it’s not always possible to stick rigidly to this, it will keep your day more structured and help you to get more stuff done. Importantly, it will get both you and your family into positive habits – and habits stick.

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Get the entire family involved

On that note, make your daily tasks a family effort – you can’t do everything yourself, and a collaborative effort produces better results. So, assign chores to your kids and your other-half, allot family time to a slot that suits everyone, and try your best to stick to the plan.

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Dedicate an hour to ‘family time’

Yes, life can feel like a total rat-race at times, which is why we need to stop, take a breath and remember that it’s for LIVING! Spending quality time together as a family is just as important as getting the housework and homework done, and it will lift everyone’s spirits – making everyone more productive and cooperative.

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Batch cook

You don’t always have the time to prepare a fresh and nutritious meal every day, and you don’t want to be living off takeaways, either. In this case, batch cooking is your best friend! Set aside one evening a week, and dedicate it to preparing meals for the week. From there, any preparation is minimal – and everyone goes to bed feeling full and nourished!


Utilise that time when the kids are sleeping

This is especially relevant when the kids are that bit older and have started to sleep through the night without waking. Perhaps this is the perfect time to get your batch cooking done, or to take some ‘me time’?

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Make time for yourself every day

On that note, you need to take some time for yourself every day. Let’s face it; you won’t get anything at all done if you are burned out. Each day, take at least half-an-hour to relax and do something you enjoy, whether that’s meeting a friend for coffee or kicking back with your favourite glossy magazine.

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