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'I love you...': 6 simple but TOUCHING gestures

Weekly (or even monthly) romantic dinner dates and constantly declaring our love to our partners is not practical… In fact, all this smushy stuff takes time – the one thing none of us have.

So, this February, in honour of St. Valentine's Day, skip the lovey-dovey gifts, and instead make the following simple – but touching – changes to your everyday life – your partner will thank you for it. 

1. Snuggle up

Watching telly? Snuggle up with your other half rather than sit half a mile apart. Grab a blanket and light the fire for a truly romantic feel.  

2. Give them your undivided attention

As in don’t be putting the clothes away while they are telling you about their day. Make direct eye contact and listen to them – basically show them that you are interested in what they have to say (even if you're not).

3. Smile

Not just when they say something funny, but every time they walk past you. You’ll feel good, they’ll feel good – it’s a win-win.

4. Make them a cup of tea (or coffee)

Before they ask, that is! Sure, they may even return the favour at some stage.

5. Heat up the water for a hot shower

There is nothing worse than finding out too late that the water is FREEZING! If you know they have a shower at 7pm every night, popping the immersion on 20 minutes beforehand will prove your love.

6. Let them have your last Rolo

Constantly scoffing the biscuits? Forever taking the last bag of crisps from the shelf? For once, let them have your last Rolo (figuratively speaking), and basically make their day. 

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