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Parental anxiety: 9 practical tips to help you cope with it

Abductions, kidnappings, hit and runs, broken bones, cyber bullying, stranger danger… these are just some of the things mums have to worry about when it comes to their kids.

And while it is perfectly acceptable to worry, it can start to take over and transform itself into parental anxiety, something which can be limiting for both parents and children.

If you do find that your worries are starting to impact on your family's life, take note of the following practical tips to help you cope. 

1. Figure out what it is that is stressing you out

If you find yourself constantly worrying about your child's safety online – double and triple check your security settings, and talk to them; if you are worried about your child walking to school on their own, try to buddy them up or go with them. Life is too short to be worrying about things that you have some control over so make sure you use it. 

2. Stop giving a sh*t over things that don’t matter

At the end of the day no one cares whether your child is wearing fancy clothes or not, or if you haven't been to a class outing yet. There are certain things that we need to be on the guard about – like your child walking off on their own at night…- not the things that are basically wasting our brain space. 

3. Treat yo’self

Whether it's for a walk, run or even a few spa treatments, make sure you spend a little time on your own. This will help with your own mental health and give you breathing room to get on top of your anxiety.

4. Just say no

If you feel like things are starting to get on top of you it's time to say no. Being a yes person is not good for either you or your family; as you become stressed over an endless to-do list, you can start to feel even more anxious – thus creating a vicious circle. 

5. Ask for help

Talking is a great way to help you put things into perspective. Whether it's with your other half, a close friend or even a professional, being open and honest about your parental anxiety will help your get on top of it. 

6. Get organised

An organised life is a calm mind (as the saying goes…well, kind of); to-do lists that you can tick off, calendars and notebooks are all great at helping you to stay on top of any tasks that you may have to do. The more organised you are, the better you'll feel.  

7. Accept your anxiety 

Trying to brush your stresses and worries under the carpet is not going to make you feel better; accepting it for what it is will allow you to tackle it head on. 

8. Breathe

Feel like you're not in control? Breathe. Struggling to get on top of things? Breathe. Worried about what's going on in the world? Breathe. Just ten seconds of conscious breathing can help you relax and get your head around things. 

9. Confront your fears

Don't allow your anxieties to get the better of you; confront your fears head on and you'll be the one in control. 

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