Two-year-old asks her mum to ‘wake the baby’, but she wasn’t expecting this to happen

It’s always lovely to see our older children interacting with their younger siblings, especially when they are still in our tummies.

The last thing we want is for our first born to feel like they are being relegated to the back, so when they try to engage with Baby when they are still in the womb, well our heart just melts.

However, we’re not sure this mum will agree with us after her two-year-old asked her to 'wake the baby' – who was in her tummy.

Taking to the Baby Bumps sub-section of Reddit, Kelsey Schmidty explained what happened under a post titled: “Mommy, can you wake up the baby?”

“My daughter asks, pointing to my belly," she added. 

"’Sure!’ I say, wiggling it with my hands.

"My daughter puts her hands on my tummy to feel her baby brother move.”

But when the baby does move… he makes it clear that he does NOT like being woken from a nap!

“Her baby brother who then immediately punched me in the cervix,” the mum continued.

“He takes after me – violent when woken up from a nap.”

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