Mums share their CRAZY pregnancy dreams, and they're both funny AND scary at the same time

In a post on Reddit’s BabyBump page, an expectant mother shared her story of a crazy dream she encountered, where she had given birth to her baby, but it wasn’t a baby, it was a bird!

When the mum-to-be asked “What’s your latest crazy dream?” we were amazed to find that we definitely were not alone in this department.

I dreamt that I gave birth to a bird from BabyBumps

After perfectly describing the events of her dream, which involved the mum trying to breastfeed a bird, who naturally kept clipping her nipple with its BEAK, the forum blew up in complete hilarity.

An array of dreams was then shared by mums and mums-to-be when they all gathered to describe their snooze time.

The discussion board is one of the funniest and most disturbing we have come across in a long time.

We can't contain ourselves! Have you any crazy dreams to share with us? Come on, we've all been there. 

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