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Prepare to ugly cry: grandfather reuniting with best friend after 61 years is too cute

Everyone has that friend that they can go years without seeing, just to pick up right where they left off. 

But this pair went 61 years without seeing each other, now that's a long time. 

An elderly army veteran had not seen his best friends in six decades, so his daughter decided to take matters into her own hands. After finding the long-lost friend, she spent 10 years emailing back and forth until they arranged to have him call to the house as a surprise. 

Knowing that her father's old nickname was 'Tex', she opened the door and called to her father. Immediately recognising his old friend, they embrace crying. 

"I thought that I'd never see you again," he sobs. Okay, we're gonna need some tissues. 

As the pair wipe away the tears and pose for pictures, the daughter reveals that the rest of the family were in on the surprise. 

Just goes to show the power of friendship. It may not have been 61 years but it's always a good time for a catch up! 

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