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Our hearts are melting over these candid photos of dads with their kids

Instagram is full of stunning images, from drool-worthy snaps of cupcakes to breathtaking photos of sunsets over the sea.

However, some of the best images are the ones that aren’t posed or filtered. We’re sure everyone will agree that candid photos are the best for capturing those magical memories.

We have discovered an amazing Instagram account that has perfected the art of candid photographs.


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They shared the funniest and most-heartwarming snaps of dads and their kids. In honour of Father’s Day, photographer Giedre Gomes shared some of the most touching and honest photos that are bound to warm your heart.

The aim of posting the photos was to honour the “great dads that are involved in their children’s lives.”

The breathtaking portraits have been a huge hit with Instagram followers, and we’re not one bit surprised.

The series of snaps feature the photographer’s family and friends. They show a range of different dads spending time with their children, and we adore how unique each photo is.

One dad proves that he is the king of multitasking as he cradles his baby and plays a video game at the same time.

Another photo shows one dad letting joining in on playtime with his two kids.

Giedre opened up about the meaning behind the unusual project: “It’s funny how different they all are but in the end, they love their children unconditionally.”

Capturing those real parenting moments on camera is so unbelievably special. It’s safe to say we’ve found our new favourite Instagram account.

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