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No smushy gifts... 7 things mums REALLY want for Valentine's Day

Nobody has time for all that mushy, lovely-dovey stuff these days. But that doesn't mean we should let Valentine's Day go without so much as a second glance.

No way; us mums deserve to feel appreciated, loved and needed, and there are PLENTY of ways our significant other can make it special – in a way we want!

1. Free reign of the telly (at least in the evenings)

So that means we can watch Corrie AND Emmerdale, and spend the rest of the evening trying to guess the killer in Midsomer Murders (without so much as a murmur from our significant other).

2. A clean bed to get into (with new sheets and all)

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats getting into a nice, clean, crisp bed after a long day. Pure bliss.

3. A night off from bath-time

And the stress of drying a squirming six-year-old's hair. 

4. A (hot) morning coffee 

In bed. While the SO gets the kids up and dressed.

5. A card declaring your undying love

Because who doesn't want to be reminded that someone loves them? 

6. Food. Lots of lovely food

Chocolate, crisps, chicken pie… we don't really mind as long as it doesn't require any effort on our part whatsoever.  

7. 20 minutes of 'me' time

Without kids knocking down the door; without questions of 'what's for dinner?'; without 'I can't find the remote'…

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