Nick Morrison's life changed forever after he opened his kitchen drawer: 'who told you?'

Standing around in the kitchen without a care in the world, Nick Morrisson had no clue that his life was about to change for ever. 

His wife, Mia, asks him to pass her a tea towel from the drawer – nothing unusual there – but Nick was left a little confused when she said it was the wrong one.

And it's only when he goes to open the drawer again that he realises what exactly is going on. 

Inside the drawer is a baby's bib, but the couple have been struggling to conceive for a long time so this couldn't possible be theirs… could it? 

Nick's reaction is brilliant as he realises what is written on the bib: "I look up to Daddy" – and instantly understands that it means Mia is pregnant. 

Shocked to say the least, the dad-to-be asks his wife who told her she was pregnant (obviously, a little confused considering their fertility struggles). 

His face when he realises that Mia is not messing is brilliant – he is going to be a proud as punch father, that's for sure. 

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