Family receive a VERY unexpected surprise when they go to take a group photo

Courtney Carpenter was over the moon to find out that she was expecting a baby, but when she realised that her cousin was pregnant too, she couldn’t believe her luck!

Their kids were going to be the same age, and could grow up together.

So in an effort to surprise their family with the best news they could give, both mums-to-be decided to keep their news a secret until Christmas Day.

When all the family were gathered to celebrate the holiday, the girls planned a family photograph.

But when they were told to shout ‘Rachel’s pregnant’ on the count to three, the entire group freaks out!

The whole family is congratulating Rachel, excited for her good news and delighted to hear there will be a pending arrival.

And just as they’re about to take the photo for the second time around, the family are told to count to three again, and guess what they have to shout?

‘Courtney’s pregnant!’

The result…

Absolute chaos and one extremely excited aunt who screams the house down in a state of shock.

We think this was such a good idea, how funny are their reactions? Someone needs to try this out soon.

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