Mum gives birth to her fourth baby, but everyone gets a huge shock when they go in to visit her

We have seen plenty of pregnancy and gender reveals over the years, but, in fairness to this mum, we have never seen one quite like this.

The Stuits were a family of five – including three boys – until Ben and Lindy got the news that they were expecting again.

And this time there wasn't just one baby; Lindy was pregnant with twins. 

Sadly, however, the couple lost one of their babies at just 12 weeks, when doctors learned that Baby B didn't have a heartbeat. 

The couple spent the next nine months praying for a healthy baby, and told everyone they were expecting another boy. 

But Ben and Lindy, who had endured so many surprises over the previous year, had something up their sleeves, and family and friends were in for a shock when they walked into the hospital room to welcome the newest addition to the Stuit family. 

That's because no one – not even the couple's older kids – knew that Lindy was expecting a little GIRL. 

Watch their wonderful reactions below: 

A great surprise… however, we can't help but think of all those presents that will need to be returned. 

Would you dare do this to family?

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