Grandma left confused by gift... but gets a huge shock when she tries to give it back

The last thing you expect when you give someone a present is for them to hand it back… but that is exactly what happened when Rachel Earls gave her granny a Christmas gift.

However, this wasn't just any old present, and there was a very good reason behind it.

Rachel, a photographer from Hinesville, GA, had found out she was pregnant on Christmas Eve, and surprised her husband with the news on Christmas Day.

She then got to share her joy over the holidays with other family members and friends, surprising each and every one of them with a pregnancy test to reveal her news. 

However, while the one with her father is pretty funny, the clip where she gives her granny a gift bag containing four test kits is hilarious. 

Firstly, Granny thinks it's something for her nails, and then doesn't even see the positive line when her granddaughter points it out to her. 

So Rachel tells her it means "pregnant" to which the old lady goes: "I don't want that one. I've had all that I want." 

And then hands them all back when she realises that they are all positive, not quite understanding Rachel when she says "it means you're a great grandma".

However, when she does finally get it the grandmother is clearly delighted – it just took a little while to get there! 

Fast forward to 7:00 for the big reveal! 

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