‘Bam, bam, bam’: Doctor poses with three sets of triplets for a wonderful reason

A maternity ward in Missouri has been very busy, having delivered three sets of triplets within six weeks – and decided to celebrate with a photoshoot of ALL nine babies. 

The eight boys and one girl were born at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis to three sets of parents.

One mum gave birth to three identical boys, another had two identical boys and one girl, and the third welcomed two identical boys and one fraternal boy. 

According to the hospital, between the three families there are enough babies to start their own baseball team, and all were delivered by Michael Paul, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Obstetrics. 

"I have delivered lots of multiples over the years, and the mums are often hospitalised for extended periods of time where they can feel isolated away from their friends and family,” Dr. Paul said in a video posted to YouTube by the medical centre. 

“These three mums all faced similar issues, had the same set of concerns and they learned from and supported each other.”

Jessica Kennedy, Kristen McCloy and Jeri Wright  all gave birth at the end of last year, and despite only meeting recently, have become firm friends. 

“All three moms helped each other by setting goals together and supporting one another to achieve those goals,” Dr. Paul said.

“They all had the same endpoint goal of getting as close to 34 or 35 weeks as possible to deliver. They didn’t want to let anyone down.”

What an incredible story to tell the kids when they are older! 

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