One in a million chance... these triplets are extremely rare, according to doctors

The Whiteley family in St. Clair Shores welcomed triplets back in 2015, and their birth left doctors well and truly baffled.

Lauren and Mike Whiteley were obviously a little shocked to learn that they were welcoming three new IDENTICAL babies, but they didn't realise that their children were pretty rare.

In fact, doctors at the Henry Ford Hospital, where the siblings were born,  said it was a one in a million chance for triplets to be born identical.

"We found out early on in the pregnancy in a routine ultrasound. She said, I see three. I said, What???," says Lauren Whiteley told WXYZ.

According to the report, the babies were conceived naturally and multiples don't even run in the family – which is why doctors were so baffled. 

"The fact that they're identical is incredible. It's the first set of identical triplets I've ever seen. I've been in neonatology for 40 years," says Dr. Savitri Kumar of Henry Ford hospital.

Wow, that's some story to tell their kids when they are older.


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