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Young man pushes stranger home after her wheelchair battery dies

A young man came to an elderly woman's rescue when her 360-pound wheelchair motor failed.

Stranded on the side of the road, the 24-year-old man by the name of Bilal Quintyne, spotted Belinda Whitaker sitting in her wheelchair.

He was getting ready for a run with his trainer in Smyrna, Georgia and went over to her. 

Belinda, 67, had been alone for almost an hour before the amateur boxer came to her aid.

He offered to push the retired estate agent back to where she was living in a senior home and she accepted gratefully. 

Bilal undertook the half-hour long journey with ease, which was captured on video by his trainer Tony Willingham and later uploaded to Facebook.

The clip garnered millions of views and Biilal has been on the receiving end of instant fame. 

Bilal spoke to The Washington Post about how pastor Stephan Bell at the Divine Order Church reached out to him in the aftermath with a special invitation.

The church then presented him with a church T-shirt and a $25 gift card to the Cheesecake Factory when he went the following week with Belinda. 

“I just felt so much love,” Bilal said. “I don’t see myself as no superhero, I don’t see myself as no great guy. I’m just a moral man doing what I was put on this Earth to do.”

The moral of the story here? There's still some good in the world and it's taking place every day.  

Image credit: Destinee Angel Burton

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