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You had one job: baseball gender reveal goes hilariously wrong

Gender reveals: they can either be a hit and miss or a home run. Except for this baseball-themed reveal, which is a little bit of both. 

During Max McCauley’s 27th birthday, he and his wife Brittany decided to surprise the family and friends gathers with a gender reveal of soon-to-arrive baby. 

“We wanted to do something a little special to tell everyone at the same time,” Brittany, from California, told PEOPLE. "We didn't know the gender ourselves, so it was a surprise for everyone.”

They filled a baseball wih blue or pink powder and Brittany threw it at Max's waiting bat. At least, that was the plan. 

The ball itself had other ideas, veering towards the crowd, hitting Max's father, Scott, and exploding blue powder all over his head. 


Biggest fail, but we’re having a BOY!!!

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“I was quite anxious and nervous that I was going to mess up the pitch, and Max kept telling me to back up because he wanted me to be at like regulation baseball field distance!” Brittany said, before explaining that her husband is a huge baseball enthusiast.

“I knew I was going to mess up!”

Apparently it was Scott's job to catch the ball in case of a crooked throw. You had one job, Scott. 

“Scott thought he would be able to catch it, I don’t know where the lapse in judgment was there,” continued Brittany, “because it hit him square in the forehead!”

A friend posted a video on Twitter fo the incident, where it has since been viewed over 530,000 times. 

As for Scott, he suffered a small cut on his forehead but is looking forward to meeting his grandson in October. 

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