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World's cutest patient: this video of a magical nurse visit is all we need

Nurses are superheroes, there's absolutely no doubt about that. 

When Tiffany Shelby Marshall took her grandson get his shots, she was blown away by the nurse and her "magic tricks". 

The video Marshall took of the fantastic nurse administering a finger prick and three shots, and has received widespread admiration for her fantastic work. 

She starts of by chatting to the boy about what Santa brought him. Next she tells him that she's going to show him a magic trick. 

“We’re gonna paint, and we’re gonna make circles on this paper right here,” she tells him.

“You ready?” She quickly pricks his finger, drawing blood.  She then uses the "magic" paint (read: blood) to help him draw circles on the card that was needed for the shots. 

 “I didn't cry!” he repeats in amazement.

The conjuring care-giver isn't done yet. She tells him to give her a big hug while she gives the three shots. 

Apart from one small cry (in fairness, we probably would cry out too) , he is super well-behaved- all thanks to the magic nurse. 

Pretty soon he hops off the table, beaming, to collect his reward for not crying. 

Viewers had much praise of the nurse's friendly and candid attitude, as well as being enamoured with the brave little boy: 

Can she come to all our doctors appointments too? 

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