Welcome to the Upside-Down: couple's 'Stranger Things' gender reveal is magical

Some might say that your world turns upside-down when expecting your first baby, but this couple has taken actual inspiration from the Upside-Down. 

 Stranger Things fans Krystal Jugarap and  Daniel Vongnakhone from California are expecting their first child and took inspiration from the show to reveal the gender of their impending arrival. 


Speaking to The Huffington Post, Jugarap said that both mum and dad-to-be are massive fans of the show. 

In the Netflix series, Joyce Bayer, played by the ineffable Winona Ryder, communicates with her son stuck in a parallel universe, the Upside-Down, using a string of fairy lights hung above letters painted on a wall. 

Jugarap claimed that was Vongnakhone that came up with the idea: 

“He claims the idea just came to him, but I’m sure someone from the Upside Down had flickered some street lights on Daniel’s way home to spark the idea.” 

Using a bit of help from Amazon and a few Youtube tutorials, the couple spell out "It's a girl". 

After posting the video to Reddit, Jugarap says that they got a lot of confused comments about Vongnakhone picking her up and carrying her to bed. 

She explains, however, that it's just a normal part of their routine: 

"I know the beginning was a little odd to some people, but we wanted to make it seem like a typical day in a life for us.

Daniel is always carrying me to bed after I’ve fallen asleep on the couch!”


Due in February, the couple plan to pay homage to another series in naming their baby girl. As massive fans of Star Wars, they're planning on calling the child Leila Rey- a combination of both Princess Leila and Rey. 

That's definitely one of the stranger things we've seen! 

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