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Wedding hack: This genius woman turned a bath puff into a fascinator

One of the best parts of attending a wedding is getting to doll yourself up in your finest frock and smartest hat. However, sometimes looking for the perfect wedding ensemble can feel like mission impossible.

We must admit there are times when we fear that we spent more time looking for our dress than the bride did. We’ve wasted many hours in the hat section of Debenhams trying on fascinators and hats galore, but sometimes we just can’t find the perfect one.

One clever lady has the perfect solution to our wedding outfit woes.

Lillian Smith shared her genius wedding hat hack with Take A Break magazine. She revealed that she found her accessory in her bathroom, yes, you read that right, her bathroom.

Lillian shared: “I couldn't find a hat or fascinator in the colour I liked for an upcoming party, but I still wanted something fetching to wear in my hair.”

We all want to look out best at a wedding, so Lillian went to desperate measures to solve her hat dilemma.

She spotted a bath puff in the exact colour of her outfit and improvised.

"I attached it to a hair clip and put it in my hair. Job done. It matches my outfit perfectly and looked great!"

Rachel Humphreys couldn’t help but express her love for Lillian’s idea: “Yes I know England are through to the last 16 at the World Cup but can we please all actually be upstanding for Lilian from Preston who has gone to a wedding wearing a fascinator she made from a bath puff,” she tweeted.

“I prefer this to some fascinators I've seen royalty wearing, don't usually like them myself but what a great idea, you could add flowers, feathers all sorts if you wanted,” another Twitter user said.

We are crazy about Lillian’s hilarious style hack. Would you try it for an upcoming wedding? It would certainly save you a lot of money.

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