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Watch: This orphaned baby wombat finds the most unusual home

A baby wombat was rescued after a road accident left her orphaned.

Her mother was sadly killed by a car, but luckily a passer-by checked the pouch and discovered the baby.

An Australian Reptile Park near Sydney took the animal in and named her Grace.

The infant is now enjoying some new, but rather unusual surroundings – the Reptile house. 

It seems that the staff at the Reptile Park has fallen in love with their new arrival.

They uploaded the sweetest video of little Grace settling in and bonding with the keepers.

The video was titled: "Grace the wombat has stolen our hearts."

"We are providing her with around the clock care (including a bottle feed at 3am) and the cuddles she craved," wrote the Reptile Park in a comment.

We can completely understand why the staff have fallen in love with Grace, she's adorable.

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