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Watch: This little girl's reaction to her first day at kindergarten is hilariously relatable

Remember your first day of school ever?

Well, this adorable video of a cute little girl who has just started kindergarten will bring you right back to it.

The little girl, Brielle, had the video of her uploaded to Twitter by her mum during the week.

She is wearing a paper crown like her classmates, who are high-fiving the teacher as they all skip out towards their parents.

The video shows Brielle staring at her mum, who captioned the video, "How my daughter feels about starting kindergarten."

Clearly her daughter is not enjoying the whole experience as much as the other kids. 

Scowling, she throws her paper crown at the camera as she stomps towards her mum. 

Sassy or what?

The video attracted lots of responses on social media and Brielles' mum explained that she totally sympathised with her little girl.  

She tweeted, ''that’s how my a** feels having to work.''

While our heart does go out to her, we know that she'll love kindergarten once she gets used to it. 

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