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Watch: Seven ducklings being saved from a drain

Perth firefighters had a 'quacking' start to their day.

Confined in a small space was seven duckling.

The young animals managed to get themselves stuck in a drain, to the distress of their mother.

Crews members from Maddinton Station came to their rescue.

In the video uploaded to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), it showed a firefighter reuniting the duck family, one by one.

The DFES said in the tweet:

"Crews from Maddington Station faced a challenging confined space rescue today, venturing into a drain to fish out some…ducks? With their panicked mother in a flap nearby, career firefighters managed to rescue seven ducklings that were stuck in the drain!"

To relief of their mother, all the ducklings were safely saved from the pickle they found themselves in.

Upon their escape from the drain, their mother lead them away from the crew and to a safer spot.

What a sweet rescue. 

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