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Watch: Little girl cries when she is surprised with the cutest puppy

Having a bad day?

Then look no further than this sweet clip that will surely melt your heart. 

Freya is a little girl and all she wanted, more than anything else, is a puppy of her own. 

Well, it seems like her patience has paid off.

In this adorable video, her mum Roisin gives her a surprise when she shows her the latest addition to their family.

Yes, of course – a gorgeous puppy! 

And her reaction? It is SO CUTE.

"Oh my God, he's so cute,'' the five-year-old sobs. 

Roisin has revealed that the pair are inseparable already. 

“She has no time for me now since she’s got the pup, she’s smitten,'' she said. 

And what name has she decided on for the Jack Russell? Benji!

We don't know about you, but that's definitely made our day. 

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