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Watch: How this special needs cat helps a cancer patient's treatment

Donny is no ordinary cat.

Not only is the feline blind, he's also an important helper at Northwell Health Hospital. 

The sweet video shows Donny laying on top of his sick grandmother, whilst another patient also takes joy in the cat's visit. 


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In the post, it was explained that Donny's grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer at 88 and after a number of tests, doctors decided she wasn't a candidate for surgery.

Instead, they would provide her five sessions of radiation treatments and send her home to a hospice situation.

However, defying all the odds, the 88-year-old responded to the radiation, so they gave her another 12. 

Incredibly, Donny's grandmother is now cancer free and the cat's parents concluded the post by hinting that it was thanks to their feline: "the healing power of a Blind Cat?"


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It doesn't come as surprise that the Instagram photo has 17K likes and counting.

Perhaps it is Donny's healing powers, but we are wishing his grandmother well during her recovery at home.

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