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Watch: Five brothers give grieving bride an emotional surprise on her wedding day


Her wedding day was always going to be a tough day for Kaley West Young.

Her beloved father passed away three years ago from heart disease and she would be thinking of him at the time for the traditional father-daughter dance

However, thanks to her five adoring brothers, they made sure that her dad would be still present on her big day. 

It was her brother Kevin who came up with a plan to make it up to h her – he suggested that all five of the brothers dance with Kayley in place of the father-daughter dace. 

When they were dancing to Michael Bolton’s Fathers and Daughters, Kaley heard her dad's voice taken from home videos, in the song. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube and you can see the brothers saying they wanted to dace with Kaley.

The song then stars to play and their father's voice comes on on the sound system.

In the recording, their father is heard saying, “Hi Kaley! My name is Dave West and I'm Kaley's dad, and I love her very much. 1800 times worth.''

Kaley then burst into tears and holds tightly onto her brothers.

She said, ''I was struggling to even stand,” she said, according to USA Today. “I was trying to keep myself composed, but honestly the only thing that I felt was complete love.”

Kaley was in awe at what her brothers had done for her on her wedding day and said it was a reminder about how important family was.

She said, ''you just could not help but feel touched by what was happening. Really not a dry eye in the crowd.''

What an amazing heartfelt surprise – congratulations Kaley on your beautiful wedding and perfect brother-sister dance. 

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