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Tooth fairy has some choice words for boy who was expecting money under his pillow

The tooth fairy's job means round the clock hours, with very little down time, kind of like mums.

And just like mums – they're expected to hand out funding whenever the cock crows. 

However, the tooth fairy (again) is becoming increasingly impatient with putting their hand in their pocket. 

So when one boy's tooth fell out, the tooth fairy left some choice words for the young man about brushing his teeth. 

Henry Warren posted a snap of what was left under his son's pillow after a visit by the fairy, and even Dad can't argue with the facts!

The letter reveals that the young boy's tooth had been taken to be duly processed, making sure that he had been brushing his teeth. 

And with that came a statement: "There has been a delay in payment for your tooth due to the condition which we found said tooth."

"We believe this is due to lack of care and attention by yourself. […] We recommend you review your practice here as a matter of urgency."

The tooth fairy revealed that on this particular occasion, the tooth will be accepted, however, it came with a stark warning: "We need your assurances that the condition of your next tooth will be significantly better or we will withhold payment."

And boy did Twitter users react in sheer amazingness – just look at all these ideas that have been handed to us, we're so going to be using some of these!

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