Toddler scrapes icing off his sibling’s gender reveal cake… but starts crying when the colour is revealed

We adore when parents include their kids in pregnancy announcements and gender reveals – they're just so cute! 

But the latest trend of announcing pregnancies which coincide with a baby's birthday just drives us overboard with pure excitement. 

And little Maverick had us in a whirlwind of cooing when we viewed a video from his first birthday. 

Maverick's mum, Brittany, allowed her tot to get loose on the cake and smash it up if he wanted. 

However, the gentle giant decided to lick and poke the cake instead, being as soft as he could, until he scraped a whole wad of icing on his finger. 

But when he did, there was a bright pink line underneath the icing…

Little did Maverick realise that his birthday cake was also a gender reveal cake for his new little sister.

But there's a slight problem – Maverick is less than impressed, beginning to bawl crying and turning to his mum for a hug, refusing to eat cake!

Now, we're sure it's nothing got to do with the fact he's going to have a baby sister, or that he won't be the baby of the house anymore…

He just got a fright from all the grown ups shouting, right? 

Pretty sure we died a death when we realised we were about to be big sisters… just saying! Lol

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