Teen Years

Three family members pose for a photo... but then Dad shouts something from behind the camera

This is brilliant. 

The Braggs have been trying for a baby for two years.

They’ve seen fertility doctors and tried multiple medications in their quest to have another baby, and had almost given up hope.

That was until their doctor informed them that they had two follicles left.

“Which means you usually get one baby or no baby at all,” they explained in a YouTube video.

However, on July 4th, the Braggs received some pretty exciting news; not only were they expecting again, but they were having twins.

Delighted at the prospect of becoming parents again, they decided to film them telling their family and friends.

However, they didn’t just go up and tell them outright, the couple wanted to do something a little different… so they asked everyone to pose for a photo while they secretly filmed the whole thing.

Standing with Grandpa, Kimberly and her son, TJ, smile at the camera knowing exactly what is going to happen, and that’s when Dad shouts out: "Kimberly is pregnant again".

There is nothing for a split second while the news registers but then there are plenty of congratulations… it’s not over yet though.

Settling back down for a photo, Dad decides to reveal that it’s twins, with Grandpa in shock and delighted by the news.

Such a brilliant video, we love how they record each and every family member.

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