This girl is not happy that her mum is expecting a baby – and makes her feelings VERY clear

Crystallia Times, a mother of two girls, recorded the day she told her children she was 17-weeks pregnant with her third child, and it is GOLD.

The video is filmed over seventeen minutes as Crystallia explains how she’s going to let the girls find out her big news.

Her two daughters – Joy and Faith – under-go a baby food challenge whereby the winner got to open a special prize.

Winning the competition, Joy was the one to receive the prize: an ultrasound picture of her baby sibling. And she was delirious when she realised she was going to be a big sister again.

However, Faith on the other hand… well, Faith is NOT impressed, and she has no problem telling her mum.

Asking her mum when it is due, she then states: “I don’t want to be a big sister.”

Crystallia proceeds to question Faith, asking her youngest daughter if she's not happy. 

Faith, dazzling in enthusiasm responds “I’m about to lose my appetite” before proceeding to eat ALL the snacks.

This video is full of side-eyes and attitude, and we're in stitches watching it. 

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