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This dog has a sneaky but smart way of getting strangers to play with him

Dogs love attention, that much we know.

You can't say the word ''walk'' without them jumping up and down with excitement, not to mention how mad they go when any sort of toy makes an appearance.

However, there is one dog that takes it a step further as he drops his toys over his fence so that anyone walking by might be tempted to play with him. 

Very intelligent and obviously adorable. 

An actor from LA, Johnny Berchtold, filmed the dog in question, Riley, while he played out his performance of forlornly dropping his ball in the hope of attracting someone to play with. 

He posted it to Twitter captioning it, ''this good wall-doggo dropped his ballo but fear not, I returned it to him and thanked him for his service.”

Johnny said that when he saw Riley he ''obviously freaked out because the sight of him was just strikingly cute. I didn't even realise he had a ball in his mouth until I started filming him… It was quite obvious that he expected someone to lend him a hand because he looked directly at me and waited there until someone came to his rescue.”

The footage was reposted by WeRateDogs, the popular dog Twitter account. 

The repost has gained a lot of attention, with more than 45,000 retweets.

Johnny said, ''apparently, he is very popular in the neighbourhood, and nearly everyone knows him as the friendly neighbourhood dog.''

He continued, ''sometimes when you pet him while he’s on the ledge, he wraps his arms around you so you won’t stop or leave.''

Riley is the cutest dog ever, isn't he? We would definitely play with him if we saw him.

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