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This Dad leaves amazing drawings in his daughter's lunchbox EVERY DAY

Rob Biddulph is a cartoon illustrator from London who leaves adorable post-it notes in his daughter's lunchbox. 


Today, Poppy's #PackedLunchPostIt comes from one of the best cartoons ever – Duck Amuck. #LOONEYTUNES

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Rob, who has written and illustrated a number of children's books, started leaving the impressive drawings in Poppy's lunchbox over three years ago. 

The proud Dad told BuzzFeed  that he started "when she was four years old, and moving up from nursery so she would have to stay away from home past lunchtime."


Today #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy. It's the indefatigable Wile E. Coyote.  #LOONEYTUNES

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Rob explained that Poppy was getting upset while in school, so his child-minder "came up with the idea of a picture to hide in her lunchbox.”


Today's #LOONEYTUNES #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy features a scene from Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a Half Century 

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Rob posts his drawings on his Instagram page every day, and has become very popular with a growing following of over 1500. 


Today's #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy. It's Carmen Mirandog. (Brand new theme next week)

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The dad admits that he feels the pressure to do a drawing a day, because all of Poppy's friends look forward to the doodles also. 


This week all of Poppy's #PackedLunchPostIt notes are brought to you by the letter A. Today it's… Asterix! #AtoZ

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What a GREAT Dad! 

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