This couple’s baby NAME reveal involved a lot of ice (and a lot of letters)

We have seen plenty of pregnancy and gender reveals over the years, but never have we seen a baby NAME reveal. 

So obviously we were super excited when we spotted this video on YouTube by OKBaby

But it's not just any aul video. 

As can be seen below, Oscar and Kim, who started sharing their family's journey "to remember all special moments and inspire other teen/young parents", are expecting their first child. 

And rather than keep their baby's name a secret until the birth, this young couple, who now have two kids, decided to announce it in epic fashion, with the help of a lot of ice. 

The video starts off with them throwing ice at the wall of their house. 

The camera then zooms in to show two letters: V and E. 

Next, Kim drinks a cup of tea to reveal the letter U. 

They also use a rock, a flame and a sledge hammer to reveal even more letters… before sharing their son's full name. 

And you'll have to watch it to see what they picked! 

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