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This 5-year-old gave the funniest speech about getting her first haircut

There are so many milestones to reach when you're a little kid.

You have your first steps, losing your first tooth…and your first haircut.

The video of this little girl is so hilarious as she explains how she feels about her brand new hairdo. 

The adorable 5-year-old starred in the funny clip where she listed off all of the practical as well as emotional benefits of having hair that is short.

Her mother took the footage of her daughter explaining that when you have long hair it gets caught in things and it hurts, but that doesn't happen when you have short hair and it also doesn't get messy either.

She says that with having new hair she feels like a big kid before comparing her happiness to eating ice cream and watching a movie with all of her friends, family, and friends’ families.

Her mother asks her how she's feeling after having her hair cut and the little girl replies, 'great. You can never see what happiness I have inside of me.''

How sweet!

We hope she watched this back when she's older – it shows how the simple things when you 're a child can be the best. 

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