These wintry baby names are perfect for parents who love the cold season

Ahhh, winter.

Blazing fires, mugs of hot chocolate, warm woolly clothes…what's not to love about it?

If you're as wrapped up in winter as we are, why not choose a baby name inspired by the beautiful cold season?

Here are a few of our top picks, do any of them take your fancy? 

1. Nevada

Meaning snow-covered in Spanish, this name is pretty for both a boy or a girl. 

2.  January

An obvious choice for winter lovers, this name is lovely for any babies born in the first month of the year. 

3. Eirlys 

How sweet is this name? Pronounced  'ear-lease', it has Welsh origins and means "snowdrop." 

4. Heath

This is the name of an evergreen shrub that grows in the Arctic.

While plants are dropping their leaves, it stays green in the bitter cold under a blanket of snow.

5. Juniper

This name is a nod to many types of evergreen trees. The juniper is recognizable by its bright blueberry-like seeds. It's also a cute unisex name. 

6. Holly

Inspired by Christmas, Holly is an evergreen plant that can weather the bitter cold.

It is known for its bright red berries and spiky leaves –  and it makes a pretty name too, right? 

7. Olwen

Meaning "white footprint", what could conjure up a stronger image of winter than that?

8. Gwyn

Short for Gwyneira, it means "white snow" in Welsh. 

9.  Yuki

This is the Japanese word for "snow". It's short and sweet, what's not to love? 

10. Lumi 

This Estonia word for ''snow'' is so cute.

It is similar to the French word for light, 'lumiere'', so it is definitely a name that is full of the brightness associated with winter. 

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