The weirdest things people have said and done to pregnant women are, erm, weird

Pregnancy generates excitement. 

Families erupt in the joyous occasion and every member wants to play a part in mum-to-be's journey. 

But there is always someone in the chain that goes too far, and if it's not a family member, it's a friend, or worse yet – a passing stranger. 

Pregnancy seems to be that open invitation for people to be kind, however, sometimes kindness is mistaken for plain old rudeness. 

A group on Reddit's babybumps forum have exchanged the weirdest things that have happened since becoming pregnant, and we're quite literally in glass-case of emotion!

We're laughing and crying but we still have anger pumping through our veins and we're not sure how to channel ourselves right now. 

The thread began with one mum-to-be revealing she is pregnant with twins, but an exchange with her aunt, has left us slightly perplexed. 

While in a room full of family members, the expecting mum's aunt FONDLED her breasts, exclaiming: "OMG they're so small I thought they'd be bigger."

But it only gets worse, no joke. 

From bus stop hook-up invites, being told what to eat when getting groceries, to being asked if you planned your pregnancy.

Is there no such thing as space and privacy anymore guys?

We cannot get over how rude and weird some of these things are – has anything like this ever happened to you?

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