The perfectly normal things no one talks about after having a baby (including leaky boobs)

Giving birth is a truly incredible experience; the moment you see and cuddle your baby for the first time is something you will never forget.

However, if you thought the hard part was over, you're about to get a bit of a wake-up call.

Now, we're not here to scare you, we're more trying to get the conversation going on the things we don't seem to talk about after giving birth (for some reason or another).

It's time to embrace the reality and share this with fellow new mums – sure we're all in this together, right? 

Let’s talk about your first poop post-birth

Before you had a baby, you probably would have gawped the minute anyone brought the word 'poop' into a conversation, but now things are different.

From now on poop will probably feature in the majority of your conversations. In fact, you’ll no doubt rejoice when you find a fellow mum who wants to talk about it as much as you. So, let’s talk about your first poop post-birth, ‘cause it’s going to hurt. Like 'will-I-ever-poo-again' hurt.

Don’t worry though, the first time is the hardest and once you’re over that hurdle you’ll be home-free. Trust us. 

Your boobs aren’t the only body parts that will leak

If you’ve been enjoying you nine period-free months, you may need to brace yourself for six weeks of bleeding post-baby.

It’s perfectly normal and shouldn’t smell – but if it does, you should tell your GP. The body has been through a lot and deserves a break, so just invest in a few post-birth sanitary pads and be on your way!

You’ll cry. A lot.

We’re not talking a few tears of exhaustion every now and then. We’re talking full blown ugly crying even when someone just hands you a cup of tea. Yup, you may need to stock up on the tissues.

Now, in fairness to your hormones that are currently running riot, you just grew a tiny person inside your body, so take your time and cry as much as you like. However, if you think it is something more or it feels like everything is starting to get on top of you, do talk to your GP.

Your boobs will turn rock hard and you’ll worry about them exploding

Whether you decide to go down the breastfeeding route or not, your boobs will get a little bigger. And by a little, we mean a lot.

Not just bigger though, they’ll be hard and tender, and you’ll find yourself yelping as you try to put your bra on. But there’s no need to worry, simply pump out a little to relieve the pressure or feed your baby.

And then sometimes the milk will just try to escape itself

Usually when you are least prepared and wearing a grey T-shirt. There’s no telling when it’ll happen (although it’s more likely when you’re still trying to get used to a feeding schedule). It can be brought on by the sound of a baby crying or even just looking at a picture of your baby – sometimes it can just happen. We advise you leave the grey T-shirts in the wardrobe for a while.


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