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The back-to-school photo trend has got a revamp thanks to this mum and her son

Back to school photos are a norm – marking the day your little ones head off in perfect harmony to begin their educational journeys. 

It's all part of growing up; they mature, make friends, and learn more about themselves. 

And we as parents, document their paths, because lets face it, we couldn't be prouder of them.


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Scott Tucker is a husband and father who had that proud feeling when it came to the first day of school all over again. 

Scott's four-year-old son, Edric, was beginning his final year of 'pre-school', a Spanish language immersion camp, having his photo taken with his mum on his first day. 

But his mum wasn't just staring adoringly at her son with pride, she was also holding a piece of the chalkboard which told us that she too was heading toward her first day of school. 


It's the first day of school!

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It was the first day of '22nd' grade for Mum, Katie, who was dressed in scrubs for dental school. 

After completing a Bachelor's degree and a Masters, Katie changed her mind on her career goal, wanting to pursue dentistry instead, heading back to school on the same day as her son. 

How adorable is this? Just proves it doesn't matter what age you are or how many children you have, you're never too old for school! 

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