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Ten ways to survive being broke in January

So it’s the first day of the New Year and Christmas is well and truly over, leaving you well and truly broke.

Payday is a long way off, and the prospect of sitting in the house for the next four to five weeks doing nothing is, well, depressing.

Worry not, who needs money to have fun? Here’s ten ways you can beat the January blues and enjoy it!


1. Netflix

Netflix has you covered as they are producing a lot of Original series in 2017. One Day at a Time, based on a Cuban-American family with a single mother is set to be released on January 6.

Historia de un clan, an Argentinian show which is subtitled tells the story of a family with connections to criminal gangs. The official release date is January 13.

Other shows set to be released in January are: A Series of Unfortunate Events, January 13 and Frontier, January 20.

2. Get in Shape

You don’t need a pricey gym to get fit and healthy. Why not start running or going for a daily walk, 30 minutes is plenty to start off.

You could also try beginners yoga classes, there are plenty available for free on YouTube.

And if Yoga doesn’t float your boat why not try a beginner’s cardio workout.

3. Dig out your old DVDs

Have a movie night at home and crack out your favourite Bridget Jones DVD, kick back with a glass of wine and have a giggle.

4. Organise your clutter

January is the best time for a spring clean. Clear out those presses and donate your old clothes or the ones with the tags you have never worn, to the charity shop.

If you’re really strapped for cash you could sell any unwanted clothes, toys or gifts on ebay or donedeal.

5. Visit friends

If you haven’t seen friends in a while, why not get in touch and go visit. December is always busy and January is the perfect time to reconnect.

Even better if they live down the country, you could go for the weekend!

6. Read a book

What a perfect time to read all those books you have been accumulating and haven’t had the chance to read.

7. Get cultural

The National Art Gallery, History Museum, Natural Museum and National Library are all free. Why not be a tourist around Dublin for the day and visit as many as you can.

You can always bring a packed lunch, the kids will love it.

8. Get cooking

Put those new cookbooks to good use and try a few new recipes. A gals gotta eat, right?

9. Have a night in

After all that cooking, why not invite a couple of friends over dinner to sample the fruits of your labour. You could even try a Come dine with me with your friends, that way everyone gets a cheap night out.

10. Plan a trip

What better way to beat your January blues than organising the family summer holiday! Some travel organisers like ClickandGo only charge a €1 deposit if booked more than 10 weeks in advance.


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