Binge watching your favourite shows is about to get way EASIER

Could it be? Are Netflix introducing an offline-mode at long last?

Apparently, the binge-worthy website have been working on making our dream a reality!

A company called Taitz is reportedly working with Netflix, in order to make downloadable content (movies and shows) a possibility.

No Internet? No PROBLEM!

Rumour has it that the aim is to have the offline mode ready for action as early as the end of 2017!

Can I get a HALLELUJAH? 

Netflix currently has over 81 million users and has launched in 130 new countries around the world since January 2016.

That is a lot of people hoping for this new feature! 

We have our fingers crossed, as it would make watching 27 episodes of The Gilmore Girls in a row WAY EASIER. 

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