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Teen overcome with emotion when she sees her mum for the first time in seven months

This is one of the best kind of surprises out there!

Navaeh, a middle school student in Liberty Middle School, Washington, thought she was recording a district video speaking about classroom technology, but there was a hidden motive behind the filming.

In fact, the school had something up their sleeve, and Nevaeh was actually there to receive the most wonderful surprise ever.

The student’s mum, Second Lieutenant Cherie Thompson, who had been on duty in Texas for seven months, was due to return home on Tuesday.

However, Cherie, who had decided to surprise her daughter, arrived at the school a few days earlier than planned – and the entire encounter was caught on camera.

As can be seen in the clip, which was shared on YouTube by Bethel Schools, Navaeh is asked if she has any plans for Spring Break, to which the youngster replies: ”My mom is getting back on Tuesday, so I’m going to hang out with her."

When asked if she had “ever seen the videos where the soldier comes home and surprises the kid at school”, Navaeh responded “yeah”.

Asked if she wanted to be in one, the teen replies “yeah” – and that’s when the interviewer tells her to ”turn around”.

Watch the moment the young student is completely overcome with emotion as she clings to her mother.


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